Blast Furnace Minecraft – Perfect crafting Guide 2020

blast furnace minecraft

TheMinecraftGuide welcomes you to a brand new how-to guide on blast furnace Minecraft. In this easy-to-follow recipe, we will see how to craft a blast furnace in Minecraft in minutes. The blast furnace is one of the most useful items in Minecraft. It allows you to smelt other items just like furnaces. It smelts at twice the pace as the normal furnaces do. Also, this pace comes with spending of the fuel twice the amount.

It can be gathered or crafted. Well, for the purpose of gathering, it can be found in an armourer’s house dwelling in the village. If you want to craft it, then read this post thoroughly. Blast furnace can smelt ores, armourer’s tools. It can be used to find the job for the armourer.

In case of the absence of an armourer, any jobless villager could secure the opportunity and work as an armourer. It has a blast resistance of 17.5 and emits light of level 13. Let’s see how to create a Minecraft Blast Furnace.

Items required to craft a blast furnace minecraft:

1. Furnace: It is another great tool in Minecraft game. It can be used for cooking food and smelting metal ores. It uses fuel to do so. Also, this is an ingredient needed in blast furnace recipe in minecraft.

2. 5 Iron Ingots: Iron ingots, another great item, can be used to create tools, armour, mechanisms, blast furnace minecraft, etc. Also, this is an ingredient needed in blast furnace recipe in minecraft.

3. 3 Smooth Stones: Smooth stones can be created using furnace instead of gathering. Also, this is an ingredient needed in blast furnace recipe in Minecraft.

How to craft a Blast furnace Minecraft?

It this how-to guide, we will create a blast furnace in Minecraft. Using this easy-to-follow guide you will get the desired output.

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open The Crafting Menu:

    smoker minecraft

    Open the crafting menu, a 3 x 3 grid, which contains 9 cell in total. It should look like the above image:

  2. Add the items to crafting menu:

    blast furnace minecraft

    Now the time has come. You have to add the items in the menu. In the last row, add 3 smooth stones. Thereafter, add 3 iron ingots in the first row. Then, add the iron ingot in the first cell and in the last cell of the second row. In the middle cell of the second row, add the furnace. The pattern should look like above:

  3. Add the blast furnace to the inventory:

    blast furnace minecraft

    Once you have followed the pattern, as shown above, you will get the blast furnace. Then, you need to add that in the inventory before it disappears.

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