Furnace Minecraft – Perfect Crafting Guide 2020

furnace minecraft

Furnace Minecraft is basically a storage block that can smelt other block and items to turn them into better things. It can be used to cook foods. Furnaces in Minecraft is so important you would die almost too soon without them. However, be grateful to the developers, these are easy to craft and can be crafted on the first day of survival.

The whole aim of the furnaces to smelt things and turn them into better and more useful products. All you need is fuel, for example, coal or charcoal, and a block or item that you want to smelt. Once you have that, pop them both into the furnace and you will see a progress bar. When finished, it will give you your desired product. It is worth noting that the choice of fuel does affect the process as one may be more efficient than others. The furnace can be used to craft blast furnace as well.

Furnaces can be found, naturally generated, in blacksmith’s house in a village, villager’s house in taiga and snowy taiga biomes, in house chests of a snowy tundra village, etc. Before furnaces, the fire was used to cook food and smelt ores to create useful items. The fire was lighted and raw food or ore was thrown on it. Furnaces contain their own set of smelting option. To get that right-click on it. It consists of three fields: one for an object to be smelted, one for fuel and another for output objects.

Ingredients needed to craft furnace Minecraft:

8 Cobblestones: Cobblestone is one of those items in Minecraft which can not be crafted using the crafting table. Instead, it needs to be gathered and collected.

How to craft a furnace Minecraft?

Now we gonna look at the step by step process of crafting furnace in Minecraft. Let’s go through it.

Total time: 5 minutes

  1. Open the crafting menu:

    smoker minecraft

    Open the crafting table as shown above in the pic. It should contain 3 rows and 3 columns. In total 9 cells should be there.

  2. Add the Items to the Crafting Menu:

    furnace minecraft

    Now in the opened crafting menu of 3 x 3, add the 8 cobblestones as shown in the figure. Fill the first row with cobblestones, then the third row with 3 cobblestones. In the second row, you should add cobblestone in the first cell and the third cell only leaving the middle cell empty. However, there is a second pattern as well if you are not aware. The second pattern is useful if,in case, you are using Blackstone as an ingredient.

    The pattern is similar. All you have to put 3 blackstones in the first row, 2 in the second row as shown in the pic. And fill the third row completely.

  3. Add item to the inventory

    After following the pattern, you will see the furnace in the right hand side cell. Collect it and add it to the inventory before it disappears.

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