Smoker Minecraft: Perfect Crafting Guide 2020

Smoker Minecraft is one of the most important blocks in Minecraft. It is most beneficial for cooking food efficiently. It cooks food, similar to a furnace, but faster. Actually, twice the pace of the furnace. Also, a smoker can function as the butcher’s job site block.

A smoker can be found in a butcher’s house in a village because it functions as the butcher’s job site block. It can be mined, as well, using a pickaxe. You should use pickaxe for mining, otherwise, you will get nothing after mining. So, never mine without pickaxes, use any kind of it.

smoker minecraft

A smoker in Minecraft can take 17.5 seconds, on average, to get broken. In Minecraft Java edition, the piston cannot move it. Every raw food, except chorus fruit, can be cooked easily in it. Once you add the raw food in it, don’t forget to pop the fuel in it, it will turn ‘lit’. Just wait and watch afterwards, your food will be cooked in no time.

As you know, Minecraft smoker can cook food at twice the pace of the furnace. As you might suspect, it consumes the fuel at twice the rate of the furnace in Minecraft too. It is worth to remember, the amount of food cooked per unit of fuel does not change. It is efficient in saving time that you can utilize in fighting enemies or doing other important stuff.

Ingredients required to craft a smoker Minecraft:

1. Furnace: Furnace Minecraft is basically a storage block that can smelt other block and items to turn them into better things. It can be used to cook foods. Furnaces in Minecraft is so important you would die almost too soon without them. However, be grateful to the developers, these are easy to craft and can be crafted on the first day of survival. It is an alternative of blast furnace Minecraft.

2. 4 Wood Logs: Here, you have a lot of different options to choose as the ingredient for crafting smoker in Minecraft. Let’s look at the options: any logs, any stripped logs, any stripped wood or any wood.

How to craft a smoker Minecraft?

smoker minecraft

Now, it is the time to go through the step by step process of crafting the smoker. Let’s go through:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open a crafting menu:

    smoker minecraft

    Open the crafting table that contains 9 cell. Basically, 3×3 grid that looks like the above fig.

  2. Place the items in the crafting table:

    smoker minecraft

    By this time, you should have chosen the type of log you gonna choose. Also, you should have prepared that as well. Once you have chosen, place the log in the second cell of the first row. Another log in the second cell of the third row. And in the second row, place the log in the first cell, furnace in the second cell and log in the third cell. In a nutshell, follow the exact pattern as shown in the fig above.

  3. Add the smoker to the inventory:

    smoker minecraft

    After following the exact pattern, you will get the smoker in the cell right of the table. Then add the smoker to the inventory.

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